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Boston Dynamics Robot.

This video is from Boston Dynamics.  It is supposed to be a four legged robot that is autonomous.  Personally I think it looks like two guys carrying a couch and they don’t know where to put it down.

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Good Sandwich.

I went to Herschel’s Deli in the Reading Terminal Market.  I had one of their Corned Beef Specials. There was maybe an inch and a half of freshly chopped corned beef.  There was also cole slaw and russian dressing. I … Continue reading

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Of course it does!

While coming home from shopping on Sunday I took the Rt13 trolley from Juniper St station.  An older woman got on and asked the stupidest question: "Does this trolley stop at 22nd Street?"  Of course it does!  There is no choice … Continue reading

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Stuff you see on SEPTA

On Friday (7/17/2009) I went out to the Springfield Mall and had lunch.  I took the Media 101 trolley back to 69th Street.  As the trolley waited at the light for West Chester Pike, before entering the terminal, several of us … Continue reading

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Trying to help tourists.

On the 4th of July I went down to the Super Scooper event on Penns Landing.   To get there I took the 13 trolley to Juniper station. I noticed that there was a couple that were tourists.  I could … Continue reading

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