A Simple Question.

On September 11th I was in Walmart waiting in line for the in store McDonald’s.  The woman in front me didn’t move up when the rest of the line did.  I simply asked if she was in line or not.  There are two areas at the counter 1) The order line and 2) the pick up area.  The pick up area is like a small group that tends to grow larger as needed.  I wanted too make sure that I wasn’t going to skip a place in line.  She proceeded to hand me my head and then insulted me.  I got tired of arguing with her and the Walmart staff and I left.

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Philadelphia and COVID-10

I have recently gained access to my buildings wifi. I am alive and well and going out to get food every couple of days,

Xfinity had announced that they would provide wifi for free for 60 days, This was bad information, what the did was to provide free access to new service customers.

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Here we go again.

A while back I observed a red SUV that had no plates stay parked on the street for about eight months with tickets and it finally got towed.  Now there are two, yes TWO, cars parked in the 1700 block of Spring Garden Street with  now THREE tickets each.  Now I will sit back and see how long it will take to get towed.

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Why Does It Happen.

Why does the bus come when I don’t need it.  Also The validator that SEPTA uses does not read my card or not working at all.  If there is someone tracking my movements on my KeyCard they will be VERY confused.

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Good deeds done dirt cheap.

Recently I wanted to get a snack from the vending machine in the basement of my building.  I noticed that there was a bag of chips that had gotten stuck near the exit door.  I bought something heavier to knock the item loose.  I proceeded to attach a note and leavr it at the front desk incase someone complained about losing money when they got a snack.

After two days I took custody of the chips.  I will eat them after 30 days.

How someone can be so casual about losing money, I don’t understand. Continue reading

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Take The Annuity!

24/7 Wall St. does not want anyone who comes into instant wealth to go broke. Remember this adage: You should only have to become rich once!

via As Powerball Lottery Nears $400 Million, What Not to Do If You Win — 24/7 Wall St.

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On SEPTA too long!

I have been riding the buses too long.  A car is no longer a car, it is something that gets in the way of the bus and causes things to slow down.  

I am also glad that people don’t drive on the street the same way they use their shopping carts in the supermarket.

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