Isn’t That Special.

     According to my email updates I have some followers.  I am trying to figure out who they are.  If you are looking to influence my politics with ‘bots, please go to at least.

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Not so free after all.

I pay for a weekly trans-pass when I know I am going to run errands in a given week.  I get paid back when I go past eleven rides, anything over that and it pays me back.

I got on a bus recently and thought the fare reader didn’t read my card.  In fact it did read it and I didn’t get on for free like I thought I did.

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So Long and Thanks For All The Fish.

I paid for a weeks access to my buildings WiFi.  My machine is updated, and I have put stuff on my Amazon wish lists.  Now its back to the Free Library of Philadelphia to check my email and such.  I’ll be back on in a couple of months when my machine needs updating again.

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Pet Peeve.

I find it funny when some women (yes women) get on the bus and THEN dig into their purse for fare money or their TransPass. When you left where you were you must have known you were going to take the bus and it was not a surprise. Have what you need near the top of the bag, ready to go so that you don’t have to dig through your purse and waste time.

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It Happened Again. (Hospital Stay Part 2)

I am now the first person in my family to have a pacemaker. This was done because my heart was so weak and the medication can now get around better. I got another pair of pajama pants out of it at least. I am now walking around better as my medications are spaced out so I don’t have any adverse reactions that triggered my second stay in the hospital.
I was taking my meds all at once as no one told me otherwise. It took about a week and the observation of a visiting Physical Therapist to notice I needed the second stay.
I am doing much better now and want to start running errands again and going around the city.

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Hospital stay

Well it happened again. This time involved falling in my bathroom on June 2nd, calling for help six hours later, and being in the hospital for seventeen days being treated for heart failure. I am home now as the medicaid coverage I ended up applying for wouldn’t be taken by local rehab clinics. I do have a visiting nurse and medication for the rest of my life.
Having to be on a heart monitor was kind of restricting. The sticky tabs used on my hairy chest turned my stay into the worlds worst hair removal clinic. I did end up on a wireless telemetry device which made me look like a bomb that needed to be defused.
I was surprised to discover that I did lose some weight. I was sent home in some pajamas the were marked “L” and did’t have an “X” any where to be seen.

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Like a bad penny.

If you were to take internet activity as a sign of life, than I have been off the grid since December 26 2016.  Such is not the case.

In the past two weeks I have managed to sleep through my alarm despite not having a job at the present time.  I still get up to get  a free Metro, but those are gone after 9:00 am anyway.  

I am now in the 21st Century with a Septa KeyCard.  When I put in the validator it says “Accepted”.  It’s so nice to be accepted.

I don’t understand this “internet addiction” that I hear about.  If I am on for more than an hour, I don’t know what to do with myself.

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