Closest date ever!

Today is mt birthday.  I was born on Easter Sunday in 1965.  My birthday fell on Easter Sunday in 1976.  This is the closest since then my birthday has come since then.  It has fallen before and after the date but this is the closest.

I have a little joke; When Elvis Presley was my age, he was dead for 12 years.

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The Red Hyundai.

     For the past few months I have been watching a Red Hyundai SUV that has been parked on the street near my apartment.  It had no license plate attached.  Now I was always told that a car had to be properly registered and insured to even be PARKED on city streets.   I was curious as to how long it would stay on the street.  The Hyundai lasted about seven months and was finally towed on or about February 9th.

To recap: No plates, never moved, and got tickets everyday.  I asked a Parking Officer why it was still there and she didn’t know and had even told her supervisor and the police.

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Three Words: Harcourt Fenton Trump.

     This is a man who is actually a toddler in an adult body.  He thinks that as President he can do anything he likes but doesn’t understand why that isn’t happening.  All he has to do is be quiet and forget that Twitter even exists.

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Pay Attention!!!

I have been watching reruns of Parking Wars.  I don’t understand how people get tickets.  I drove a total of seven cars in Philly and NEVER got a ticket under my wiper.  Three personal cars, two work cars, my mothers car and a neighbors car.  It’s not just the green signs you have to read but also the RED ones.

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How to park in Philadelphia.

First of all change your premise for parking in this, or any, city.

You cannot park for free!  You have a choice.  Either pay $1 an hour to park at a meter or pay $26 when you get a ticket.  It is just that simple.

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Isn’t That Special.

     According to my email updates I have some followers.  I am trying to figure out who they are.  If you are looking to influence my politics with ‘bots, please go to at least.

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Not so free after all.

I pay for a weekly trans-pass when I know I am going to run errands in a given week.  I get paid back when I go past eleven rides, anything over that and it pays me back.

I got on a bus recently and thought the fare reader didn’t read my card.  In fact it did read it and I didn’t get on for free like I thought I did.

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