Trying to help tourists.

On the 4th of July I went down to the Super Scooper event on Penns Landing.
To get there I took the 13 trolley to Juniper station.
I noticed that there was a couple that were tourists.  I could tell by the fact that they had a city map and that they didn’t get off right away at Juniper station as that is the last stop before the trolley loops back to West Philly.
I tapped the gentleman on the shoulder and said "this is the last stop on this line".  I believe that he thought I meant that he and his girlfriend should get on another trolley, because they both ran past me to get on another trolley that was going to leave.  I did not have a chance to stop them.  I believe they wanted Independance Hall or the Constitution Center.  I don’t think they knew to get off and transfer to the Market/Frankford line.
Now about the Super Scooper event.  When I got down to Penns Landing, I made my way down to the event.  I noticed an obscenely long line to get in.  On top of that it was in the open sun and I don’t tolerate the heat all that well, so I skipped it and ending up coming home.

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