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Old is new.

I recently took my laptop to Best Buy to get the screen repaired.  I was quoted a $300+ price tag to have it diagnosed and repaired.  I could buy a new computer for less than that, and I probably will.  … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved.

I didn’t need a bunch of meddling kids or a talking dog to do it either. Since I moved into my condo in April I have been hearing the old style “off the hook” alarm at random times.  My building … Continue reading

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New Mystery Cat.

A new mystery cat showed up on my neighbors porch.  Gray with white markings.  S/he was bigger than a kitten but smaller than an adult cat.  S/he had a red collar, so someone is missing this cat.  I hope the … Continue reading

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The Mystery Bucket.

A white plastic bucket, with a lid fitted on top, appeared on my porch a few weeks ago.  I don’t know where it came from.  Since it wasn’t mine, I couldn’t take possession of it.  I simply left it alone.  … Continue reading

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Things that have happened recently.

I received a letter of condolance from the Office of Councilman Frank Rizzo on the passing of my father. The councilman, or someone on his staff, thinks my father was a police officer. I will be sending him an email … Continue reading

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Another time warp.

It happened again.  My watch was 5 hours off this time.  I went to bed around midnight on Saturday night.  I woke up about an hour later and my watch said it was 10:13pm,(2213h).  I did what  worked last time … Continue reading

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