Of course it does!

While coming home from shopping on Sunday I took the Rt13 trolley from Juniper St station.  An older woman got on and asked the stupidest question: "Does this trolley stop at 22nd Street?"  Of course it does!  There is no choice in the matter.  Now what may have confused her is that the trolley operators, in order to save time, bypass a station if A) there is no stop request and B) there is no one waiting to board.  I believe that at some point she did not make a stop request by pulling the cord and the operator bypassed the station.
Now when I shop I buy either something that goes on my back or in my stomach.
Something I have noticed when riding the bus to Franklin Mills Mall, some of the homes have had a second door put in to replace the garage door.  Most, if not all of the homes have garages.  Some have been remade into a new or second entrance or a small apartment.  Alot of these homes have a garage AND a lower entrance. 

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