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Getting cash.

I made a withdrawl of cash for my walking capital from PNC Bank at 11th and Market St.  As I was counting the bills a panhandler asks for a handout.  Here is the deal: I am counting money, I don’t … Continue reading

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The concern that the public has over the Swine Flu is something.   The scramble to get vaccinated or to ensure that the proper people do makes me wonder, isn’t this the plot to a bad zombie movie. A cheaply … Continue reading

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Septa strike.

The labor strike is scaring me.  If I get a job interview there is a distinct possibility I won’t be able to get there.  I can only ask my neighbors so much.  Good news, I got the job.  Bad news, … Continue reading

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Talking about $12, Same as in town II. Or Halloween costume

  Quote $12, Same as in town II.Found the library!!!!!!! – Darius 12:33 PM 11/6/2009 Was Colonel Mustard in it? – NJJenLyn 12:59 PM 11/6/2009 With a wrench? – Andy from Lakewood 6:43 PM 11/6/2009 I just had an idea … Continue reading

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SEPTA choosing to go on strike at 3:00am on the morning of Election Day was probably not the smartest move.  Some folks needed to use the transit system to get to their polling places.  Alot of people need the system to get … Continue reading

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