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I HATE wild goose chases.

I was going to go up to the Northeast to use Northeast Regional Library but it was closed to fix the air-conditioning.  Here is what my trip looked like: Rt43->El->Rt58, lunch, find out NER is closed, Rt58->El->Rt43, then home.  I … Continue reading

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Back to square one.

My laptop computer has a blown LCD backlight.  I now have to find someplace that can fix it without gouging me.  I wonder which will be cheaper, the backlight or a new computer? I have to use the Free Library … Continue reading

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Lets see what can go wrong now.

On my way to the library on Saturday the 19th of December, I stopped at the Liberty Place food court for something to eat.  I was expecting crowds and I was not disappointed, I was surprised to see that the … Continue reading

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Wait your turn like everbody else!

While sitting here at the computer, in the Free Library, a man who said he was an employee of the Free Library became concerned that the computer he had reserved was in use.  My thinking is this, the patrons have … Continue reading

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