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Closest date ever!

Today is my birthday.  I was born on Easter Sunday in 1965.  My birthday fell on Easter Sunday in 1976.  This is the closest since then my birthday has come since then.  It has fallen before and after the date … Continue reading

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I HATE wild goose chases.

I was going to go up to the Northeast to use Northeast Regional Library but it was closed to fix the air-conditioning.  Here is what my trip looked like: Rt43->El->Rt58, lunch, find out NER is closed, Rt58->El->Rt43, then home.  I … Continue reading

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Back to square one.

My laptop computer has a blown LCD backlight.  I now have to find someplace that can fix it without gouging me.  I wonder which will be cheaper, the backlight or a new computer? I have to use the Free Library … Continue reading

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Lets see what can go wrong now.

On my way to the library on Saturday the 19th of December, I stopped at the Liberty Place food court for something to eat.  I was expecting crowds and I was not disappointed, I was surprised to see that the … Continue reading

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Wait your turn like everbody else!

While sitting here at the computer, in the Free Library, a man who said he was an employee of the Free Library became concerned that the computer he had reserved was in use.  My thinking is this, the patrons have … Continue reading

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