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Pay Attention!!!

It’s not just the green signs you have to read but also the RED ones. Continue reading

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How to park in Philadelphia.

First of all change your premise for parking in this, or any, city. You cannot park for free!  You have a choice.  Either pay $1 an hour to park at a meter or pay $26 when you get a ticket.  … Continue reading

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Isn’t That Special.

     According to my email updates I have some followers.  I am trying to figure out who they are.  If you are looking to influence my politics with ‘bots, please go to at least.

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Not so free after all.

I pay for a weekly trans-pass when I know I am going to run errands in a given week.  I get paid back when I go past eleven rides, anything over that and it pays me back. I got on … Continue reading

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So Long and Thanks For All The Fish.

I paid for a weeks access to my buildings WiFi.  My machine is updated, and I have put stuff on my Amazon wish lists.  Now its back to the Free Library of Philadelphia to check my email and such.  I’ll be … Continue reading

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It Happened Again. (Hospital Stay Part 2)

I am now the first person in my family to have a pacemaker. This was done because my heart was so weak and the medication can now get around better. I got another pair of pajama pants out of it … Continue reading

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Hospital stay

Well it happened again. This time involved falling in my bathroom on June 2nd, calling for help six hours later, and being in the hospital for seventeen days being treated for heart failure. I am home now as the medicaid … Continue reading

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