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Juniper Station

I actually saw someone pull the stop request cord when 13th St is the last stop.  I mean really.  You have to get off, its a rule, they make you!  And it wasn’t a little kid whose Mom said it … Continue reading

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Wawa run on the trolley.

I made a Wawa run this morning because I wanted to try one of their breakfast hoagies.  I take the 13 trolley to 36th St and walk up to the Wawa or to 30th St and switch to a westbound … Continue reading

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I have observed that people will abandon all the driving tactics when in a supermarket.  That is: they will drive safely into the parking lot, and when they walk in they go all over the place.  Shoppers will abandon a cart in … Continue reading

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I have an alibi.

Being an at present former employee of FedEx I will say this, I have an alibi for the attempted hijacking of the FedEx truck in Center City.  I was at the Parkside ShopRite, 1575 N.52nd St, at the time.  I have witnesses.

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Wacky idea.

Have one of those group house shows with cameras recording everything.  Anything the residents need to do must use an item from "As Seen on TV".  Cooking use the Express griddle or the Ronco oven.  Cleaning, use the Swivel Sweeper … Continue reading

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