Take The Annuity!

24/7 Wall St. does not want anyone who comes into instant wealth to go broke. Remember this adage: You should only have to become rich once!

via As Powerball Lottery Nears $400 Million, What Not to Do If You Win — 24/7 Wall St.

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Assorted things.

What did I do on March 10th 2016 that I got a lot of views?

  With the DNC coming to town parking is all fouled up, I actually don’t care as I don’t have a car right now but its the principal of the thing.  The parking is restricted on my street which is near the Community College of Philadelphia, and is nowhere near Wells Fargo Center.

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Blast from the past.

I was helping out at an annual parish fundraiser flea market the past Saturday at St. Francis de Sales.  One of the nuns from Immaculate Heart of Mary came to help sell some chances.  It turns out it was a Sister that taught me in 6th grade.  Sister Nora didn’t recognize me until I took off my hat to show my red hair.  I asked her if she could whiteout some things in my permanent record but she wouldn’t bite.  🙂

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I HATE wild goose chases.

I was going to go up to the Northeast to use Northeast Regional Library but it was closed to fix the air-conditioning.  Here is what my trip looked like: Rt43->El->Rt58, lunch, find out NER is closed, Rt58->El->Rt43, then home.  I then rested up and walked to Parkway Central Library and I am now visiting the internet.

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Back to square one.

My laptop computer has a blown LCD backlight.  I now have to find someplace that can fix it without gouging me.  I wonder which will be cheaper, the backlight or a new computer?

I have to use the Free Library to visit the internet and check my email.

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Happy Easter!

I decided this morning to NOT watch the morning news or listen to news radio and find out stuff when I went online to check my email.
So far so good there were no mushroom clouds on the horizon and Philadelphia is not under martial law, although when The Pope was here it was close.

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I Made Out Like A Bandit!

I purchased something today cheaper than it was available for online.

It was $17.00 less than Amazon, $17.00!    I’m not saying what it was, but it is neat-o and gadgety.

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