Back to square one.

My laptop computer has a blown LCD backlight.  I now have to find someplace that can fix it without gouging me.  I wonder which will be cheaper, the backlight or a new computer?

I have to use the Free Library to visit the internet and check my email.

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Happy Easter!

I decided this morning to NOT watch the morning news or listen to news radio and find out stuff when I went online to check my email.
So far so good there were no mushroom clouds on the horizon and Philadelphia is not under martial law, although when The Pope was here it was close.

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I Made Out Like A Bandit!

I purchased something today cheaper than it was available for online.

It was $17.00 less than Amazon, $17.00!    I’m not saying what it was, but it is neat-o and gadgety.

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And here I thought I was ahead of the game.

I didn’t panic like others before the storm.  I had bread.  I noticed last night that what I bread I had in my cupboard had gone moldy.  I now have to go out for bread, AAAAAARG!

Some of the sidewalks are shoveled, but as always the corner crosswalks are filled with mounds of snow.  I have to plan ahead where I walk and try not to get hit by a car.

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Snowmageddon 2016

The City of Philadelphia is in a snow emergency until Sunday. Some people have ventured out, I am not one of them. I am using the WI-FI in my building to go online.

The Buses and Trolleys are shut down until 4:00am Sunday. The Market-Frankford line and the Broad Street line are running.

If I was going to go out it would be to the donut place down the street, which I don’t have to do for the next week.

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My Xmas adventures.

I wanted to get a hoagie at Wawa so I took the bus to 17th and Arch St. only to find out it was closed. The closest Wawa store was at Broad and Locust Sts. so I walked to a stop for the Route 32 bus. As I was waiting it started to rain lightly and I then decided to go to a 7-11 only to find that one closed as well. I know its Christmas and all but folks are hungry and want to buy FOOD. Why doesn’t anyone want to sell food on Christmas Day? I was even wearing a jaunty Christmas hat, doesn’t that get me anything?

There were lots of people walking around that would have paid you money besides me.

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