It’s My World, You Are Just Living In It!

The banner picture is from a get together of WheresGeorge hobbyists that I recently attended in Sugarloaf NY.

I reserve the right to change the picture and have the previous statement make absolutely no sense whatsoever. 🙂

Some days I am smarter than the room, other days the room is smarter than me and I am the only one in it.

Wherever I am standing I am in somebody’s way.  I am convinced that I could stand by the side of the road, in the middle of the desert, and someone would ask me to move. 😦

Miranda Rights For The Real World.

  • You have the right to remain surprised.
  • If you give up that right, everything that happens to you will be boring.
  • You have the right to a clue, if you can’t afford a clue one will be provided to you.

Having been read these rights, is there anything you wish to express shock over?

I am morally opposed to heavy lifting and sweating.  Now that is not as lazy as it sounds.  I will help you move a couch, to its new home where it will stay forever and ever.

The Rules For Passengers

  1. Don’t offend the driver.
  2. Whatever you do don’t offend the driver.
  3. For the love of God whatever you do don’t offend the driver!

Navigation Protocol

  1.  Right is right.
  2. Left is left.
  3. Being not wrong is Correct.

The other day I was waiting for a bus in Darby PA.  I over heard a guy on his phone talking about how he didn’t have a license when he was pulled over in a car.  WTF!!  He doesn’t have a license and someone loans him a car while I have one and don’t have access to a car.  C’mon!

Speaking of waiting for the bus.  Sometimes you can’t tell if the bus you are waiting for is coming, or a delivery truck is just messing with you.

I have been criticized for dressing like I am homeless.  I find this difficult to believe as the homeless ask me for money, so I don’t look homeless to them. 

     It has NEVER been an advantage to be me. When it WAS an advantage I didn’t know it at the time and only found out AFTER the fact when it was completely useless to me.
I like to work within rules. When something happens and a solution is found, then that solution will be used in the future when the same situation occurs again. When it isn’t it is very confusing to me. For me personally I can break my OWN rules, but not when it is a work rule.
     When I am working for a company and someone (a Manager) says to do something counter to what a company has in writing, all I ask is that it be put into writing. Not one of those security emails that disappears after reading, but something that can be printed out and/or forwarded to others.
     I take a shower EVERY day before I go out for my errands or an interview. polite society can’t have me NOT take a shower. More than once I have encountered people on the bus that act as if someone has an offensive smell and it is right after I take a seat. It is hard not to take this personally.

Here is what I spend my money on:

  • If I can eat it.
  • If I can wear it.
  • If it keeps my utilities on.
  • If it keeps a roof over my head.
  • It gets me transportation.

     It has been announced that Google is closing down G+ because of some errors in information sharing.  I was registered on YouTube when it was separate and then it was bought by Google.  I use my YouTube credentials to get into Google, I look at it as “Google came to ME!”  I guess I will have to find somewhere else to get my social fix.  I am deliberately not on Facebook and not on Twitter.

1 Response to It’s My World, You Are Just Living In It!

  1. You make more sense than me.


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