A Man Of Unique Talent And Skill.

­I forget where I have mentioned this.
I am a “card-carrying cheap skate”. I wake up in the 7:00 hour in the morning and go across the street from my apartment and get a copy of the Metro newspaper. I do this for two reasons; 1)I get a free newspaper and 2) I prove that I wake up before the crack of noon.
This morning [‎Thursday, ‎May ‎28, ‎2015], I managed to play a practical joke on myself. Yes I said “myself”. Here is what happened. I grabbed actually two Metro’s because I get one for the crossing guard at the corner, but I got yesterdays paper. The delivery for the day had not happened when it was supposed to. I didn’t notice until I got back to my apartment, Arg!
I managed to find a correct copy while running errands. 🙂

About Frankjc3rd

Active hobbyist on Wheresgeorge.com, presently looking for work. I am now the proud owner of a pacemaker.
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