More Sad News.

On the night of December 4th, my friend Eleanor Sheehan passed away after 93 years. She had entered the hospital to have an abdominal aneurysm taken care of. She was in a rehabilitation facility after coming home briefly. She was one of the “Little Old Ladies” that I went to breakfast with on Sunday mornings, after Mass.

The following is what I called Eleanor Sheehan Bingo:

⦁ Raised in an orphanage, even though her father was alive.
⦁ Won’t get married again.
⦁ Mentions “Norman” in some form.
⦁ Doesn’t like people who drink.
⦁ Trouble with neighbors. (?)
⦁ She can’t hear the priest during Mass.
⦁ Gets the facts wrong about something in the news.
⦁ “Shake-shake-shake” leg kicks.
⦁ Complains about coffee.
⦁ Doesn’t want to pay anymore money than she has already pledged.
⦁ Thinks someone you are talking about is dead.
⦁ Saying that she likes/hates something that she hated/liked before.
⦁ How she learned to swim.
⦁ Was a teaching assistant at deSales.
⦁ Picked as May Queen even though one of the Nuns in the orphanage didn’t like her.
⦁ Has to be reminded about the dish she likes at the Gold Standard restaurant.


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