A Funny Story.

A few years ago I was in the Grays Ferry Pathmark getting lunch meat at the deli counter.  The customer ahead of me asked for “Ham Off The Bone”.  The deli person did not know what that was.  The customer explained that is the only name she knew it by.  Eventually it was figured out that she wanted “Tavern Ham”. She was confused by this.  I came to the defense of the deli person because I had never heard of that name either.

Fast forward to Monday recently.  I am in line getting lunch meat at a  local Acme.  While I am waiting for my order I see that they now carry “Ham Off The Bone”.


About Frankjc3rd

Active hobbyist on Wheresgeorge.com, presently looking for work. I am now the proud owner of a pacemaker.
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