Frank’s Rules.

I have recently decided to codify some of the rules I try to use as I go through my day.

Here they are, and I will most likely add more in the future.

#1 When you find something new, unique, or different; get two.  

If you can’t afford to get two, or it makes no sense to have two, fully document where you  

got the first one for later reference or replacement. 

# 2 Don’t eat found food, or the last doughnut. There is a reason it’s still there. 

# 3 Always carry a deck of cards. 

# 4 Always pay cash for food. 

# 5 Keep a spare door key for your car in your wallet. 

# 6 When flirting with a pretty girl at a bus stop, GET HER PHONE NUMBER!! 

# 7 When no one else is parked on your side of an otherwise busy street, MOVE YOUR CAR. 

# 8 Cultivate randomness. 

# 9 If you have to ask, the answer is NO. 

#10 The man who tells you he is a CIA Agent to impress you, is not a CIA Agent. 

#11 When buying milk, try to get a freshness date at least eleven days into the future. 

#12 Always park where you can see your car. 

#13 When the stripper with an Eastern European accent wants a ride home, just say NO. 

#14 Never EVER get between a pregnant lady and the restroom. 

#15 Don’t steal the money. Either some pretty little thing will spend it for you and you won’t have access to it, or you will be arrested and you STILL won’t have access to it. 

#16 Don’t heckle the Super Villain! 

#17 When going to the supermarket to get “a few things”, get a shopping cart. It will be easier to carry stuff. 

#18 The thing you are ignoring is the one you want. 

#19 If you are going to be wrong, be consistently wrong. 


About Frankjc3rd

Active hobbyist on, presently looking for work. I am now the proud owner of a pacemaker.
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