Millers Ale House 2011

I attended a WheresGeorge gathering at Millers Ale House located at Roosevelt Blvd and Grant Ave.  Nice venue, nice food.  Lots of chatting and bill trading.  I took the Rt14 bus to get there.  Because of the snow I decided to take the Rt14 in the same direction, northbound, and go to Neshaminy Mall.  I did this instead of trudging through the snow to get to a southbound bus.  I bought a few shirts at the Modells inside Neshaminy Mall and started home.

I took the bus to the el and finally the Rt13 trolley.
Waiting for the trolley at 13th Street was frustrating.  Almost three of each route came through except the Rt13.  When it finally arrived everybody that had been waiting for the 13 got on.  In my happy little world those who have been waiting longest would be allowed on first and those who just showed  up recently would have to stand or wait just as long for a trolley.  Arrrgh!


About Frankjc3rd

Active hobbyist on, presently looking for work. I am now the proud owner of a pacemaker.
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