New fridge.

For the past two years I have been trying to save up for a new refridgerator.  I recently sold some stock and had enough to buy a new one.
I can now get ice cream and frozen dinners at the supermarket, and I have room for a big box of leftover pizza!!Nerd smile  I can even have ice in my iced tea!Wink

About Frankjc3rd

Active hobbyist on, presently looking for work. I am now the proud owner of a pacemaker.
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2 Responses to New fridge.

  1. elvin says:

    wow..this is strange. I just got a fridge delivered at 1:25PM yesterday…and guess what the first thing I got was…Ice Cream. Did not have a full size fridge for over 12 years.


  2. Frank says:

    I guess our long nighmares are OVER!


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