Running errands.

I went downtown today to run some errands.  I withdrew some walking capital from a PNC Bank ATM at 1234 Market St and bought my transpass for April.  As I was doing that I ran into my sister-in-law Myrna.  She was buying some tokens for my nephew Kevin.  Myrna had injured her righ thumb and I also found out thet my brother Pat had broken his clavicle recently.Sad
After I finished chatting with Myrna, I walked over to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch.  It was crowded with visitors and local office workers, so I decided to eat in the Gallery food court instead.  I did have an oppurtunity to have a very good smoothy made up of oranges, pineapple, and banana.  As tasty as it gets without having chocolate in it.   
I wandered around the Gallery a little while and then came home.   Nerd
On my way home on the trolley a lady with three kids gets on at 15th St.  The middle child, a boy, stared at my beard while his mother tried to get him and his sister to an open seat.  She got a seat so she could have her youngest child with her in the stroller.

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