What should be happening.

I posted this on the PhiladelphiaSpeaks forum.
City Governments, State Governments and the Federal Government will soon notice that they NEED people to work. Their revenue depends on taxing wages of citizens. No work = no taxes.

There is no law that says a company must make a huge profit, a small one will do. As a matter of fact, its not against the law to lose money, it just doesn’t make sense.

Big corporations can hire people full time, but their precious profit sharing won’t let them.

Here is one possibility. New salaries would be $15,080 (State minimum wage for the year in Pennsylvania) + $100,000 which would equal $115,080. Take the difference and return it to the operating funds of the companies. Do the same with the government salaries as well and see how much money is freed up.

Milage in your state may vary.


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Active hobbyist on Wheresgeorge.com, presently looking for work. I am now the proud owner of a pacemaker.
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