Found Items

On 10/21/2009 around 5:30pm I noticed behind a stand of bushes on 45th Street between Chester Ave and Regent St, a Razor scooter and a Hello Kitty portable stereo.  The bushes were located near the rear gate of the yard for 4500 Chester Ave.  I allowed the items to stay where they were assuming that the property owner would call police and report the items.
On 10/22/2009 around 3:00pm while making my way to the trolley I again noticed the scooter and stereo in the same location.  I decided that if the items were still there when I returned home I would then call the police.
At 8:12pm, after getting off the trolley, I called 911 and reported finding property behind bushes on 45th Street. At 8:21pm officers in patrol car 1836 arrived and investigated.  After speaking to someone who answered the door at 4500 Chester Ave the officers took the property into their possesion and left the location.

About Frankjc3rd

Active hobbyist on, presently looking for work. I am now the proud owner of a pacemaker.
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