I started the day going to a job interview at Villanova University. First, they should rename the school "Hillanova".

I took the Rt100 Norristown HiSpeed Line to Villanova station. What I though would be a short walk to the building was anything but. After going over the bridge that takes Rt320 over the R5 train, the building I wanted was fenced off all the way to Montgomery Ave.

After the interview, I don’t think I got the job, I decided it would be a good idea to take the R5 train to Radnor station and walk to the R100 stop. The R100 is not visible from the R5 station, and I finally caught the 105 bus. (Did I mention it was a really warm day and I sweated through a brand new shirt I wore for the interview, and my feet were sore from a new pair of shoes.) I took the 105 to where it connects with the Route 10 trolley. I rode the trolley all the way to Juniper station downtowm. The trolley got progressively more and more crowded as the operator was apparently late leaving the loop at 63rd and Lancaster. After reaching Juniper station I proceeded to take the Route 13 trolley home.

Here is why I don’t think I got the job. Training starts on Monday 8/10 and I was told the decision would be made today 8/7.


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Active hobbyist on, presently looking for work. I am now the proud owner of a pacemaker.
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One Response to Villanova

  1. Frank says:

    On Monday 8/10 I was called by the Graphics department at Villanova and asked to come in for an interview with them on Wednesday at 11:00am. I was then called on Tuesday and the interview was cancelled.


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